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How to Make Tokwa Nuggets

1) Divide tofu. The size should be smaller than regular chicken nuggets. The breading will make its size bigger. Set aside. 2) Get three saucers. Place all-purpose flour on the first. A gently beaten egg on the second. Bread crumbs on the third. Bread crumbs could be a plain bread crumbs from bakery, a package […]

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Tokwa't Saging

Tokwa’t baboy is a real deal. I can take down three cups of rice in couple of minutes. Fried pork carries the main flavor, especially the back fat. The right mix of spicy vinegar sauce makes the viand more exciting. How about the tokwa? I never like eating tokwa alone, without the fried pork and […]

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Kilawing Tokawa't Baboy

While reading an old issue of Reader’s Digest, a small piece of paper fell. The piece of paper contains a simple recipe, the Kilawing Tokwa’t Baboy. I thought it was different from the usual recipe we are making. I asked my wife to cook the recipe for me. I’d like to know the difference. Here […]

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