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Tortang Malunggay

Ingredients: 2 cups malunggay leaves 1 cup boiled chicken meat shreds 4 tbsp corn starch 3 eggs, beaten 1 bulb onion, chopped 2 cloves garlic, minced 1 tbsp ground pepper Salt to taste cooking oil Cooking Instructions: Mix malunggay leaves and chicken shreds. Add corn starch, onion, garlic, ground pepper and beaten eggs. Add salt […]

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Okra Con Torta

Ingredients: 1 carrot 1 potato 1 cup squash slices 20 okra 2 chopped onions 2 cloves garlic, minced 1 tsp ground pepper 1 egg, beaten 4 tsp sorghum flour salt to taste cooking oil banana catsup Cooking Instructions: Wash and peel all vegetable ingredients, except okra. Steam carrots, potatoes, squash and okra for fifteen minutes. […]

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Tortang Kalabasa con Malunggay Leaves

Ingredients: 5 stalks malunggay leaves 1 cup squash, thinly sliced 2  onion, medium size 1 cup flour 2  eggs, beaten ground pepper cooking oil salt to taste Cooking Instructions: Wash malunggay leaves and separate from the petioles. Cut and slice the squash into thin strips. Slice onion into cubes. Beat the eggs. Mix all the […]

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