How to Make Synthetic Soy Sauce and Vinegar


Have you ever wonder how to mass produce vinegar and soy sauce as easy as 1… 2… 3… Follow this steps. Those cheap products available on grocery shelves are made by means of these processes.


1 cup union sauce
1750 ml water
½ cup salt
¼ cup vetsin
1 tsp I.M.P.

Procedures: Mix all the ingredients in hot water. Pack in sterilized bottles and pasteurized.


875 ml cane crystalline
875 ml water
1 tsp booster for cloudy vinegar
1 tsp caramel color for cane vinegar

Procedures: Mix all the ingredients in hot water. Pack in sterilized bottles and pasteurized

The only problem is the source of ingredients. Products made with these procedures are very affordable and sell like hotcakes. The natural process of making soy sauce and vinegar take longer, require a lot of labor and more pricey but if you consider your health, which process do you prefer?


How to Make Toyo , Soy Sauce

Soybeans – ½ kg
Salt solution (18%)- 6 liters or 24 cup
Mold (Aspergillus Oryzae)
Flour – ½ kg
Rice bran – ½ teaspoon

Materials and Equipment:
stainless/enameled kettle
measuring cups and spoons
chopping board
strainer, stainless
wooden ladle
casserole, stainless
wide mouth jars
sterilized glass jars with new caps
bamboo tray
pressure cooker


1. Clean, wash and soak soybeans overnight. Drain well. Put soybeans in a casserole and cook until soft. Cook soybeans in a pressure cooker (15-lb pressure) for one hour or cook until tender. Mix soybeans and flour thoroughly. Sprinkle rice bran with molds (three days old) over the mixture and mix well. Spread mixture 1-2 inches thick in a tray. Cover with clean cloth or paper and allow the molds to grow. Stir occasionally.

2. After 3-4 days, transfer the mixture to a container with salt solution. Cover the container with paper or cloth and shake well. Set aside for one month. Stir once in a while. Strain the mixture through cheesecloth. Transfer to a sterilized bottle and cover. Pasteurize and store.
Source: Great Flavor of Soybean. Book Series No. 155/1996. Philippine Council for Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources Research and Development.