The Turmeric Salted Egg, The Update

Yesterday, September 3, the 12th day, the day I should harvest the turmeric salted egg. So I did.

chicken turmeric salted eggsObservations:

1. The resulting color is not as deep as what I saw on WOFEX 2013. Maybe it should be colored with an artificial dye. Anyway, pale yellow is enough to distinguish it from the others.

2. Boiling the egg removes the turmeric shade ending to a dirty white finish. Adding turmeric during boil is an option to retain the pale yellow appearance.

3. Shell deformation was evident. I could not tell what was the cause.

4. After boiling, the white was jelly soft and the yolk was a bit hard and powdery.

5. One egg was cracked and the others where perfectly whole. Perhaps it was a mechanical damage after transferring the container from one place to another or due to salt absorption.

6. Egg white was too salty while the yolk had a nice taste. Cracked and whole eggs had no taste differences. I expected the first to be saltier.

turmeric salted eggs opened7. Turmeric flavor was slightly perceptible. Too much saltiness overpowered it.

8. For future trials, the brine should be lightened or the curing period shortened.


Jump here and learn how to color the egg golden yellow.

Making My Very Own Turmeric Salted Egg

Driven by the curiosity on turmeric salted egg which I saw in WOFEX 2013, I’d gathered these materials to make few for myself.

1) The ordinary table salt, it is a sea salt perhaps.
2) Turmeric, luyang dilaw. It is going to add flavor and color to salted egg. I am expecting to see whether the color is stable or not. The annatto color in water is not stable.
3) White chicken eggs. The normal material should be duck eggs. These alternative should do the trick for now.
4) A two is to one water to salt solution. I think, the turmeric color and flavor travel faster in brine than mud.
5) A small container for storage.
6) A bag of clean water to prevent eggs from floating.


I dissolved one part salt for every two parts lukewarm water in a container. Added the grated turmeric and white chicken eggs. Placed water bag on top to keep the eggs submerged.

It should be ready after 12 days.

white chicken egg luyang dilaw salt and container

preparing brinebrine solution with grated turmericsoaking egg in brine turmeric mixturewater bag to keep eggs submerged======
please see update to this post here!

The Salted and Turmeric Flavored Banana Chips

This recipe was in, “Soaking Raw Banana Slices in Salted Ice Water”. I tried it for myself, replacing turmeric powder with real turmeric.


10 saba bananas, green
cooking oil for frying
turmeric, about the size of a thumb
salt to taste


1) Remove green banana peels by prying it off with a stainless steel knife. It is hard and slow for the first few but will eventually get easier and faster with practice. Using regular non-stainless steel knife leaves undesirable blue stains.

2) Drop peeled bananas in salted iced water. Then slice to 2mm thickness. Take care not to make it too salty as it will reflect in final flavor. A guided peeler knife helps attain uniform slices.

peeled whole bananas in iced water3) Shred the turmeric. Add it to mixture. Mix well. Let stand for ten minutes. Drain well.

banana slices turmeric in salted ice water4) Fry slices in oil over high heat until crunchy golden yellow to slightly golden brown. Drain excess oil.

frying raw banana slicessalted banana chips with turmericIt has a unique and peculiar taste. I enjoyed eating it even though I like it more plain.

Turmeric / Luyang Dilaw Health Benefits

old mccormick spice bottle of turmeric bottle

Love curry? You should because it contains turmeric, locally known as luyang dilaw, that has many health benefits.

1) Has anti-inflammatory action, support liver health and contain lots of antioxidant according to Jonny Bowden
2) A potent tonic according to Phyllis A. Balch.old mccormick spice bottle of turmeric bottle
3) Has the ability to kill tumor cells according to study of Jayaraj Ravindran, Sahdeo Prasad and Bharat B. Aggarwal
4) Carminative – medication that prevents the formation of gas in the alimentary tract or eases its passing
5) Stimulant – drug that temporarily quickens some vital process.
6) Emmenagogue – promotes menstrual discharge.
7) Cordial – strong highly flavored sweet liquor usually drunk after a meal. Drink for its warming effect.
8) Juice of fresh rhizome can be applied to wounds, bruises and leech-bites.
9) Turmeric and gingelly prevents skin eruptions
10) Hot luyang dilaw with lime and saltpeter can cure sprain and bruises.
11) Turmeric powder can facilitate the scabbing of smallpox and chickenpox.
12) Flowers are used to eliminate ringworms and other parasitic diseases.
13) The decoction can cure purulent conjunctivitis.
14) One to 20 parts decoction (turmeric to water) can be applied to catarrhal and purulent ophthalmia. Apply externally by means of clean cloth piece.
15) Turmeric ointment is used to relieved neuralgia and rheumatism
16) Rhizomes with coconut oil can be used to cure stomach disorders and vulnerary.
17) Anthelmintic – capable of causing the evacuation of parasitic intestinal worms
18) Fever cure.
19) Fumes of burning luyang dilaw can cure catarrh or severe head colds.

In our locality, the turmeric plant is rare. Farmers are weeding out this plant because the plant is very similar to a persistent weed, barak. Their rhizomes are also similar. The only difference is the inside color of flesh. Barak has white flesh while luyang dilaw has yellow.

Turmeric is widely use as natural food coloring and a spice. Commonly available as powder preparation.

update as of July 2016

Recently, I notice the craze on turmeric products especially in form of instant preparations.  Instant ginger powder with turmeric, 7-in-1, 11-in-1 and so on.

For clarification, they are not the instant powder prepared in commercial way. They are traditionally prepared by mixing rhizome extract, other desired medicinal herbs, and ultimately sugar as carrier.  The mixture is boiled until all undesired liquid is evaporated.  What left are sugar plus the remnants of other added ingredients.  Resulting product is often too sweet.

There are scientific studies proving turmeric health benefits. In fact they too many to almost endless. Anti-cancer, anti-diabetic, skin toning and fat burning properties are included. The herb is now being called as “The Most Potent Super Spice”.