Tasting The Two-Year Old Tapuy

This is a two-year old tapuy wine. It doesn’t look like it but it really is. Brown sugar was responsible for golden appearance. I am going to taste it again after two long years.

My good expectation. Wine during aging undergoes flavor development. Flavors that cannot be found in newly fermented wines, in a process that is not yet well explained by science. This wine should have a very nice taste.

tapuy wine in minute made pet

My bad expectation. The PET packaging affected the flavor. This is a usual experience. When PET meant for juice is used for other purposes, such as   water storage and the likes, the content gain off taste.

A short tapuy story. Way back year 2010, in the entrepreneurial seminar I attended, one of the participants brought a liter of tapuy wine. Each attendee  took a shot. Then when my turn came, I saved a hefty amount in a 330 ml bottle.  I stored it in refrigerator and let it stayed there for two years.

The brief verdict. The taste is significantly smoother than before. However, the plastic imparted taste and aroma to wine. It is slightly perceptible but has a significant downward impact.

PET bottles are lightweight and cost less. It has gained popularity as container for instant juices, teas and carbonated beverages. But when it comes to wine,  the glass bottle is still the standard choice.  A friend of mine used to pack his wine in elegant plastic bottle. He eventually shifted to glass bottle for one reason. Most customers still prefer wine in glass bottles. Maybe he has another reason that he never revealed, the plastic packaging tend to impart off flavor to wines.