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Pasta Water

Are you still reminded not to throw away rice water (or the rice washing instead). Nutrients are thrown away with the water every rinse. It is best to save them and use for soup or for any soupy dish. Tinola, bulanglang and sopas. On the other hand. Soupy dish is not always provided every meal. […]

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The Electric Water Kettle

electric water kettle top view

How this thing works? It is electric water boiler. It is obvious that it converts electric energy to heat making water increase in temperature until it reaches 100 degree Celsius. That is not my question though. What I want to know is how can it shut off itself after reaching that point. Chance of micro-controller […]

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Examine This Water Vending Machine

water venting machine

I am not against this water vending machine. What I never like is the manner of implementation. No protection against dust, dirt and other contaminants. At least, it should be enclosed with clear glass or acrylic. Window operable only when appropriate amount is dropped in coin slot. Then closed the rest of time. The vending […]

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