The Purified Water And Coffee Vendo Machines

coffee and water vending machine

I am guessing the vendo machine on image is the same machine featured on television several years ago. The ATM or the automated tubig machine. A machine invented and popularized by a fellow Filipino. Can you please tell me who he was?

water and coffee vending machine

coffee and water vending machine

The one I saw on television works like this. A man wanting to buy water should placed the bottle inside the cabinet. Align the container with the faucet. Close the cabinet door to prevent any contamination. Then insert coins corresponding to the amount of water he needs. Then get the container back after the transaction is complete. Any lacking instruction?

I do not need drinking water at the very moment and I have no water container either. Trying the paid water dispenser is not my option.

Beside the water vending machine is another silent seller that dispense coffee. The name is “teatime” but the image on headboard is suggestive of coffee.

The customer arrived. She inserted coin… A cup came out of the dispenser followed by a hot steaming coffee. Then she walked away while enjoying the hot beverage. How convenient!

I am thinking, a vendo machine serving real fresh brewed coffee would be more exciting. I am very willing to pay the price.

The Last Few Things I did Before My Cough Was Finally Cured

I read that cough usually last for one to three weeks. It is often self terminating and never need any medication. Proliferating medicines are just hoaxes and taking advantage of the common disease.

Know what? My persistent hard coughing lasted for two months, and another productive coughing of one month. I still experiencing rare coughing as of date.

I consulted a doctor after two weeks and no chronic symptoms found. I constantly monitored my saliva – it was perfectly normal. There was no abnormality in my mouth when I look at the mirror. Maybe it was an acute bronchitis, but my x-ray result was essentially normal.

Maybe I am allergic to peanuts. I was experiencing hard coughing whenever I eat even minute amounts. Or maybe, peanut is a real cough worsener. I also avoided eating crabs and shrimps. A friend of mine told me that two food items can worsen cough. Eating powdery foods such as pulvoron, chips, biscuits and crackers also worsen my coughing.

The last things I did.

1) Back to my regular diet. Taking sweets and salty foods occasionally. Avoiding those rendered no effect in curing cough.

2) Frequent water intake in small amounts. It wash away phlegm and prevent dry and itchy throat.

3) Occasionally chewing fresh ginger. It remove throat itchiness and help me get a good night sleep. Note: sucking ginger for prolonged period is not recommended. It causes internal mouth inflammation.

4) Ascorbic acid 500 mg. It was doctor’s recommended treatment. I has been taking Vitamin C supplement in the morning and before going to bed.

5) Enervon. I thought Vitamin C was not enough. I bought Enervon and took it once a day. This multivitamins and ascorbic acid are taken to boost body immune system.

Cytokinins and Buko Juice | Anti-Cancer and Anti-Aging Mix

While thinking for a possible title for a mini-thesis, the cytokinin in coconut came to my mind. Of all the plant, young green coconut, buko, is the richest source of cytokinins. For that reason, the coconut water can be used for growing other plants. However, I never want pouring it down the ground. I’d rather save it in refrigerator for later consumption.

Cytokinin is a plant hormone. The substance is produce in root section then transported to other parts of the plant. It promotes lateral branching when present in sufficient amount. Plants treated with more cytokinin produced more branches than untreated. It is being used for seedless grapes production. It induce cell division, growth and differentiation.

It promotes cell division but inhibits the formation of mutant cells, the cancer cells. It also maintains cell youth and retard aging. These are the reasons why I never want giving the precious coconut water to plants.

The anti-cancer and anti-aging are also true on animal and human tissues. A detached teeth and or other tissues are better preserved by coconut water than any other commercial formula. The preserving property is attributed to cytokinins.

I never thought coconut water is this good!

My proposed mini-thesis, “Growth Performance of Pechay Treated With Coconut Water”. I am still thinking of better options.

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what not to take when having dry cough | Doctor's advice

Let as admit it, we often resort to home remedies when having dry cough. The common remedy methods often originated from relatives, home, tradition, books, experiences and internet. It may or may not be effective depending on type and severity of symptoms.  It even worsen the illness sometimes.

According to doctor’s advice, the following should not be taken when suffering from dry cough.

1) Anything sweet. Pure sugar, honey, candies, menthol candies and sore throat lozenges such as Strepsils.

2) Hot and lukewarm water. This includes hot coffee, tea and hot soups.

3) Anything salty. The pure salt, mixture of water and salt, salty junk foods and salty dishes.

4) Any fruits. The real reason is not clear but I think it is related to sweetness. The sweet orange and astringent calamansi are included in listing.

5) Anything cold. It simply worsen cough. Like entering a air conditioned room and cold places.

The reasons to refrain taking items one to four – They tend to dry the throat more resulting to more irritation, pain and coughing. Many websites are recommending items one to three. They were also include in my previous articles, “What am I taking to cure sore throat and cough“, “Roasted Calamansi, Heavy Sugar Syrup and cough” and “Pointers and Myths While Experiencing Common Colds and Cough“.

The doctor’s advice is to take a sip of plain drinking water frequently. Water moisten the throat relieving irritation, pain and coughing.  If symptoms persist see him in her office for proper prescription.

Spices such as onion, ginger, cayenne pepper and turmeric can be taken as first aid only. Their effect wear out immediately when the hot spicy sensation ceases. Spices only mask irritation. It never take it away.

Is Drinking Too Much Water Dangerous?

I have just read from Yahoo News. New Zealand’s 30-year-old woman died due to Coca cola overdose – 10 liters a day drinking habit. The woman was so addicted to coke, experiencing shakes, withdrawal symptoms, get angry whenever coke runs out.

The cause of death is believed to be cardiac arrhythmia. Also suffered from low potassium levels and caffeine toxicity.

The Coca cola Oceania told the reporter that excessive consumption of any liquid over a short period of time is detrimental. The case would be worse if consumption of other health foods is neglected. The same case applies with drinking too much water.

Investigation is still on-going as of writing this.


What if the woman became addicted to water instead. Perhaps she was still l in good condition by now.

Consumption of excessive water over a short period is indeed harmful – too much of everything is bad. However, filling what your body can carry is unlikely. There gonna be a slight pain in abdomen that will stop you from drinking more – unless some internal organs are malfunctioning.

Taking too much distilled water might be harmful cause it tend to wash away minerals and electrolytes. But, taking adequate health foods easily counter this problem. Tap or mineral water is neutral and won’t take away any.

No amount of unclean water is enough. Even a single drop might be too much to bring chronic diseases.  If the water taken in is clean, then excretory system has no trouble driving it out.

In my opinion, drinking coke before meal might prevent getting adequate nutrients. It contain sugar, an energy source, that makes us feel full and prevent us from eating other meal.  On the other hand, drinking water alone makes as full for a short period but does not satisfy our hunger so we need to eat soon after.

Drink coke in moderation only, not at least eight glasses a day. Drink more water as long as it’s clean but do not force 10 liters in one shot. I can fill in 500 ml easily but can barely take 1 liter. I am taking five to ten 500ml glasses a day.

Defining Mineral, Alkaline and Purified Water

She is pregnant and seems sensitive to spring water. Her stomach pain never occurred again since we started buying water from a refilling station.

It was our third refill. We chose the nearest refilling station on our way home. I was too tired that I never wanted to drive back. I wanted to immediately go home and take a nap.

I handed the water container to the staff. She asked me which water I wanted, mineral water or alkaline. I was speechless for few seconds. I was a bit confused. The other refilling station have never asked such thing. I just said mineral water, that is the popular thing I know.

They are selling three water types, 1) mineral water for 30 pesos/container, 2) alkaline water for 45 pesos/container, and  3) purified water for 35 pesos/container.

water container label

To clear confusion…

Mineral. Either natural or artificial, containing 250 ppm minerals. Water has the natural ability to dissolve minerals from rocks. Most water from Earth’s crust are mineral water. Artificial when loss minerals are added back with human intervention. Minerals are loss when passed through purification process.

Mineral water free of biological, physical and chemical contaminants is generally recommended for human consumption. Minerals are essential for healthy body.

Purified. Water is purified my means of one or several of the following treatments: distillation, deionization, reverse osmosis, carbon filtration, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, ultraviolet oxydation and electrodialysis.

The total dissolved solids should be less than 10ppm. Dirt, debris, viruses, bacteria, fungi, chemical contaminants as well as the minerals are loss. It is the water recommended for laboratory purposes where impurities might affect the outcome. Not suitable as drinking water cause it tend to wash away body electrolytes.

Alkaline or ionized. Water is subjected to electrolysis to change the neutral pH 7 to slightly alkaline, pH 8. Purified water cannot be subjected to ionization cause the process relies to magnesium and calcium ions.

Some debatable benefits of alkaline water:

1) Combat body pH imbalance. People tend to be more acidic due to too much consumption of acidic foods.
2) Makes the blood a better oxygen transporter.
3) Able to hydrate six times more than other water types thus preventing skin dryness and related skin disorders.
4) Aids in absorption of some vitamins
5) Improve food taste.

update as of june 30, 2012. Please read, “Ionized Water Might be a Hoax”.

Update as of May 2017

Alkaline water is produced through ionization. It is safe to say alkaline water is ionized water. The common process of production is through electrolysis. There are also weird filtration devices which claims to make alkalized water. Weird and I can’t understand yet how they work. If they really work, that is.

To briefly explain. Water consist of numerous water molecules. Counting is next to impossible. Each molecule has three atoms. One oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms. Under normal circumstances, water has neutral pH.

When water is electrolized, a molecule looses one hydrogen atom resulting to negatively charged hydroxide (OH-). The separated hydrogen then bonds with another water molecule to form hydronium, one oxygen holding three hydrogen atoms. It is the abundance of hydroxide that makes the water alkaline. The more hydroxide ions, the higher the pH.

The spread of news about its believed health benefits lead to birth of water stations selling alkaline water and businessman offering portable water ionizers.

Science tells negative ions are antioxidants while positives are free radicals. The first is beneficial while the last is harmful. So it is also natural for alkaline water to be marketed as antioxidant. There are many contradicting articles about it. I can’t determine who is telling the truth. Anyway, there is no harm in taking alkaline water, so drink to your heart’s content.

Ionization process only yields temporary results. The hydronium and hydroxide ions will eventually return to their original form within 18 to 24 hours. Alkaline water bought from water refilling station should be consumed within that period. It is still safe after that but the alkalinity you wanted is gone. Portable water ionizers, on the other hand, gives you freedom drink freshly prepared every time.

Did I forgot to mention water self-ionized? Maybe purified, mineral or alkaline doesn’t matter. Getting plenty of any everyday is more than enough.