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Ensuring Consistent Wine Taste Quality

Using high quality fruits. Leftovers and reject fruits fits perfectly for wine making. High quality fruits are the best however. Final wine flavor rely on starting fruit flavors plus those created during fermentation and aging process. No artificial flavors added. Thus prime fruits are best for making high quality wines. Proper hygiene. Ensure the cleanliness […]

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Using Bubod To Make Fruit Wines

Can I use bubod for fruit wine making? Hmm… Lets do some analysis. Here is a simple tapuy making procedure. 1) Boil balatinaw (a variety of red rice) in a large wok until cooked. 2) Cool and arrange in a wooven bamboo tray, bilao. 3) Sprinkle with powdered bubod. Cover with fresh banana leaves and […]

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Some Important Facts About Yeast

1) Bread yeast is intended for bread making and it should be used as intended. It can be used for making wines  but tends to impart a bready flavor. The same game for brewers yeasts – for making beers. In general, it can live in a wide range temperature, 0 to 50 ºC. Optimal temperature […]

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