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How To Make Fruit Wines

The procedure outlined here is applicable to almost all kind of fruits with the exception of citrus and citric acid containing fruits. Why? The organic acid called citric encourages acidification resulting to a sour tasting wine.  Also, addition of citric acid to adjust acidity is discouraged. Use tartaric acid instead. Trivia: The term “wine” originally […]

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Some Important Facts About Yeast

1) Bread yeast is intended for bread making and it should be used as intended. It can be used for making wines  but tends to impart a bready flavor. The same game for brewers yeasts – for making beers. In general, it can live in a wide range temperature, 0 to 50 ºC. Optimal temperature […]

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Yeast as Natural Control for Aflatoxin

Yeast can now be used for natural control of deadly aflatoxins produced by Aspergillus flavus. The yeast can control growth of A flavus by competing for nutrients that might otherwise be used by the toxin producing mold. Field testing in pistachios prevented aflatoxin incidence up to 97 percent. The natural control would be more effective […]

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