The Third Wave Coffee Brewing System

coffee vendo machine huge

I was not in Japan. Instead, this Japan technology was brought in our hometown. I never saw a “Made in Japan” tag but I could never thought of anyone who made this. Japanese love inventing for convenience and that include vendo machine that serve natural foods. I  seen a vendo machine serving large live crabs on TV. Now this huge vendo serving freshly brewed coffee straight from roasted beans. It eliminates the need for coffee bar and barista.

coffee vendo machine huge

It was wide coffee selection. From completely black to with sugar and cream and iced variation. The customer even have the option to experiment using the taste adjuster.

It is unlike cheap and small machines which are only equipped with hot water and instant flavoring. This giant counterpart do natural brewing process. Grind roasted coffee, extract with hot water and pressure, then add flavorings as customer desired. The customer only need to insert bill through the loading bay, push few buttons, wait a moment and walk away with the beverage at hand.

Integrating the roasting machine in the near future is highly probable. Roast profile can be adjusted to suite taste.

Few minutes after lunch. I was very sleepy. I normally take a nap when I  am home. I was attending food exhibit so napping was not an option. I guessed a cup of hot coffee would ease me. I took out a bill and went to the second vendo machine. The first was obviously out of order. LCD panel was off. However, the second won’t accept the bill. Two machine out of order.

It guessed that was it. The machine was made by man. When it fails, it needs human hand for the fix. The technical assistance I need was impossible at the moment so no coffee for me.


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