Reasons to Bring Back Copper Vessels

As time goes by, sight of copper vessel is getting rare. When was the last time? I couldn’t remember. However, the use of copper ware I last saw is very clear. For preparation of old fashioned chocolate drink. The batirol (wooden whisk) and copper pitcher combo.

Known amount of water and old fashioned chocolate (tablea) are boiled. Perhaps the copper pitcher serves as the cooking vessel. Please, someone clarify this for me!.  Then the batirol is used to homogenize the mixture. It is necessary. Due to cacao high butter content, the two never blend well. This problem is usually solve with addition of milk.

As of date…very few practice this. Many use electric blender and hot water to quickly prepare the drink. Others opt to instant powder completely eliminating the need of tedious preparation.

Now that it is no where to be found, I feel like owning a set of copper pitcher and drinking cups. Not because I want to bring back the old tradition to life. I want to use it because of the health benefits I can get.

Copper is essential nutrient and can be fulfilled by using copper containers. How? Of course we are not biting copper with every use. The metal is indeed soft, but not soft enough to chew and eaten. Crazy!

Remember the article “Sugar of Lead”. Lead pots leaks to whatever food it contain. Then rendering it dangerous to consume. Fatal in some cases.

The same is true for copper. It leaks to water and other food it carries. Too much copper intake is harmful too but there is nothing to worry about! The leached rate according to studies is about 1/20th of the permissible limit of 2mg Cu/L.

Copper kills some harmful microorganisms on contact. There are studies proving this claim. Let the water stand for awhile to allow copper leaching and elimination of unwanted flora.

Now there are two reasons to bring out your antique copper wares. A permanent source of copper nutrient and cheap sterilizer. I will do the same I a have. Maybe I should settle with the newly released copper pans.

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