Eating Overripe Bananas

Our love for banana lead us to a ridiculous innovation. Whenever we had, we check it very open until ripe. To be more specific, we often check it until 90% yellow. Its flesh was still hard and taste a bit astringent. What we do next was rolling it hardly in between hands until soft. Then, it was ready to eat but the astringent taste is still there. It was a contest, so taste doesn’t matter.

We never do that thing anymore. We never eat unless fully ripe and sweet. Sometimes it got overripe and never got eaten. A feast for plant roots.

Yellow bright colored bananas looks pleasant to eyes and seems very delectable. It is often the customers choice. Other that looks overripe and with brown freckles are left on stall. Merchants sometime need to lower selling price to avoid losses. The dilemma of perishable goods.

I remember my professor’s story. During rambutan season, she is choosing overripe looking rambutan, with the soft thorns getting wilted brown. The appearance looks bad but the flesh is perfectly fine.

The same is true with overripe bananas. The outside appearance may not look well but the internal flesh is perfectly fine. Numerous brown spots signal the presence of Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF), it fights cancerous tumors. Plus, it was found out to have high amount of antioxidants, vitamins and other nutrients.

So what we did before was wrong. Bananas should reach overripe stage before consumption, but not to point of inedible.


Brown spots never always mean positive. If the brown spots are present on green stage. Then it is probably sign of disease. Anthracnose maybe present on young banana and causing premature ripening.

Another event that may cause brown spots is refrigeration. It only affects the peels usually.


This article contradicts my previous post “Banana Brown Spots Fight Cancer?” and Banana Peels, Brown Spots, Lutein, Serotonin and Cancer.

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