The Melted Cocoa Powder

natural cocoa powder melted

What I was doubt of happened. Our additional product which is the natural cocoa powdered melted on its way to retail store. It is now summer and our product should be handled with extreme care.

natural cocoa powder melted

What we did wrong?

We did delivery right after lunch. The sun and temperature rise were at peak. We should have done it early morning or late afternoon. That is our SOP and yet we neglected it.

The products primary packaging does not provide sufficient protection. The powder was packed in clear stand-up pouch. It allows easy pass of radiant light as well as heat. Unlike our bar chocolates which are wrapped with heavy aluminum foil and thick kraft paper. Our plan now is search for affordable package similar to Pringles. Thick cylindrical carton with inside aluminum foil coating.

PS. Our natural cocoa powder has 100% intact cocoa butter. We don’t have a device for extracting it out. We don’t plan to aqcuire one on the other hand. Butter contributes a lot to overall flavor. What is left after extraction is a bland tasting cocoa solids. We don’t want to sell it.

Update. After few days, the products was back to its powder form again.



  • hi Mr. Marvin,

    Interested to try this powdered cocoa to try making various chocolate food products. I hope you have a store where I can also get to meet you.

    Do you have a recipe for choc nut?

    • No store yet.. sorry. Making chocolate in home kitchen. The powder could be make to various food products but the process is expected to be different. I have never tried one yet.

      Where is your place? I am from Cavite.

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