The Red Colored Salted Eggs Live On

I am a bit puzzled. There are still many manufacturers who are producing red colored salted eggs. There are also many customers like me who buy.

Do they know that the substance use for coloring egg is harmful to health? Or maybe, just maybe, the specific dye nowadays is certified food safe. Please enlighten me!

Salted egg is dyed with red color for easy identification. It is like a food label that shows its unique identity when group with others. Its inventor, whoever he is, might randomly picked red for this purpose.

newly bought red salted egg

Now is modern day. Cheap labels can be created easily with sticker paper, inkjet printer and a laptop PC. On medium to large scale production, volume but cheaper labels could be outsourced from printing presses.

That is right. several years ago I saw an article from the Department of Agriculture website about the undyed salted egg bearing a sticker label. Then months later the “Itlog ni Kuya” came into popularity.

I am not sure which came first. the company producing white salted eggs or the government institution doing the research.

It is not important anyway. What matter is, what I have in mind is possible. Getting rid of the red harmful dye using a simple sticker label and customer acceptance of such changes.

However, red colored egg is still very popular.

There are two reasons I see. White salted eggs are more expesive than regular. The extra cost of labels and the labor of sticking them manually one by one. Compared to dying, a large batch could be done with minimal work. Simply submerge them in a bath of dye solution and let dry.

Many people think, if it is not red, then it is not salted egg. They won’t believe even if you introduce and explain. To avoid trouble, many producers are sticking to old fashioned way.

We faced the same problem when we shifted the tablea shape into bar form. Most customers never wanted buying the bars even if we explained that they are just the same product they used to buy, only the shape changed.

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